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Our Workforce Future Ready


Develop, implement, promote and facilitate effective policies, and innovative strategies in relation to human resource development of our country.



An Initiative by The National Human Resource Development Council in collaboration with The National Chamber of Commerce and TVET Organization and other stake Holders.

Having established the  fact that there are over 360,000   unemployed Youth   In the country and over 1000 vocational training Institutions, and  most surprisingly a   significant shortage of skilled workers in the Industrialized sector,    The NHRDC certainly confirms  the need to address this issue with the intervention of Job-seekers Training Providers and job providers thinking parallel and finding solutions in discussion on one platform.

In view of this, with the Directive and the guidance of the Chairman of the NHRDC Mr. Dinesh Weerakkody , The NHRDC launched its “RAKIYA ARUNA CAREERS FAIR” at Polonnaruwa at the Pulathisi Buddhi Mandapaya Conference hall last week with the intention of covering many more districts in the country.

The program witnessed the participation of over 1200 youth desirous of seeking employment and 23 private sector leading Companies seeking the right skilled personal to bridge the gap.

“The success of this program could be termed as far-fetched with over 700 youth assured of employment directly and through Vocational Training opportunities.” Said Mr. Lalithadheera The Director at the NHRDC who steered this program.

This program was coordinated by Prabhath Perera and Erandi De Silva Development Officers at NHRDC.

The program was attended by Senior officers of the NHRDC the TVET and management representatives from 23 Private sector Companies

Addding further value to the program was the Zonal Education Officers TVET Officers and Mr.P.H.D Dharmasiri who delivered a valuable lecture of strategies in “how to get the future workforce ready.”


 Institutional Structure and Scope

The National Human Resources Development Council is an institution established to play a vital role under the Ministry Of Policy Planning, Economic Affairs, Child, Youth and Cultural Affairs. Under the powers vested in the institution, it gives priority to all activities pertaining to human resources development and implements policies for human resources development. The prime objective of the institution is to organize itself as an apex body that guides the relevant minister and the  government  on  human resources development.


Institutional Introduction

'As a national level advisory council, the National Council for Human Resources Development of Sri Lanka was established on 05th June, 1987 as a unit attached to the Ministry Of Youth and Skills Development. Subsequently, under the National Human Resources Development Council Act No.18 of Sri Lanka, it was brought under the purview of the Ministry of Science and Technology as an independent statutory body. However within a short period of time, i.e. in the Year 2000, the institution was placed under the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training and again in the year 2001, the National Human Resources Development Council of Sri Lanka was designated as an institution coming under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. With the subsequent change of the government, the institution was brought under the purview of the Ministry of Skills Development, Vocational and Technical Training. This institution which has been thus been moved from one ministry to another over a short period of time currently functions under the Ministry of Policy Planning, Economic Affairs, Child, Youth and Cultural Affairs.




National Human Resources Development Council of Sri Lanka
Nipunatha Piyasa, 7th Floor,
No.354/2, Elvitigala Mawatha,
Narahenpita, Colombo 05.
Sri Lanka


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