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    The National Human Resources Development Council of Sri Lanka is an institution established to perform an important role of work under the Ministry of Public Administratin, Child, Youth and Cultural Affairs.It takes responsibilities for work such as assisting to implement the policies pertaining to Human Resources Development and by giving priority in all the activities of Human Resources Development under the powers vested upon the said institute.Its main objective as an higher institution is provide information and direction, to the Minister and The Government, on all aspects of Human Resource Development.

    Responsibilities and role of the Council,

    Employment, Training, Education, Utilization of Science and Technology, upliftment of living standards, planning social security for under-privileged groups and submitting recommendations to The Minister of plans and programs of Human Resources Development in keeping with the national policy.

    Monitoring, investigating and reviewing of relevant policy plans and programs , taking the initiative to implement the projects operating with relative institutions and Carrying out programs in connection with the other subjects stated in the Act with the consent of the Minister in charge of the subject.


    Upgrading livelihood strategies and the redeployment of three-wheeler drivers in Sri Lanka

    Three-wheelers have become a popular mode of transport in the urban, rural and state sectors of the country. This informal transport sector has boomed throughout both the developed and developing worlds, bridging the gap of inadequate, inefficient and ineffective public transport services and delivering a faster means of transport. 

    The urban residents who are negatively affected by intolerable levels of traffic and congestion and who are unable to afford private transport create a heavy burden on the sector (Cervero, 2000). In this regard, powered two- and three-wheelers are becoming one of the main means of transportation both for people and goods, particularly in developing countries, and are attracting an increasingly varied user population while three-wheelers (TWs) have been identified as a popular mode of public transportation in low- to middle-income countries (World Health Organization-WHO, 2017).  



    Partnering to innovatively develop SA’s human potential



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